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Time/Size: 35 min/718 MB

Ever had a fight over the remote, of course you have, we all have – different programs, different tastes but we usually solve the dispute without getting physical, sometimes physical is the only answer, and not such a bad answer when you are two young hot babes like: Erika Jordan and Sadie Holmes. It’s the ball game or the Vampire show and only a good fight will settle it, luckily there is a mat on the living room floor as these two decide to settle the dispute with a match, and the loser has to give the winner a massage while watching her show. Wild fight ensues, and every time one girl kisses the other she has to take off an article of clothing – first kiss goes to Erika and off comes Sadie’s top, allowing Erika access to those unbelievable nipples. Lots of great close body action, scissors, bow and arrows, camel clutches and many more. Sadie bites then kisses Erika, off comes her top, then both lose their shorts till they are both in just bikini bottoms and wildly fighting. Most of you know how wonderful Erika is but if you haven’t seen Sadie then you are in for a real treat, she is not only beautiful but a wild bundle of energy. We have a winner and the loser has to strip naked and give a massage to the victor – this rub down lasts almost ten minutes, making this one long wild match !!!!


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