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Time: 20 min

When ever we put these two fabulous blondes together’ a CLASSIC! And this one lives up to all we would expect with these two super hot blondes. It is also more of a classic since JC Marie has retired, yes, so sorry to say but we will no longer have the gorgeous JC to enjoy, there are a few left in the can to release but she is working no more. But back to this fabulous match, both ladies in sexy stocking and string bottoms they vie for who has the best breasts and a contest is demanded; the fist part of the contest is boxing and these beauties batter breasts and guts as they see who can take the most abuse to their luscious breasts, they are ferocious with hit after hit till one is cornered and can no longer take the tremendous abuse. Next they see how much mauling and nipple torture each can take as they dig their nails into those fleshy mounds of delight, pull and twist those sensitive nipples and gouge those poor breasts. Lastly they go after crotches with hands and wedgies till one beauty goes in so far and so hard her foe is spent and she strips off her bottoms as a victory souvenir – two of the best blondes ever, always a CLASSIC !!!!!