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Time/Size: 35 min MB 737

Sexy matches of strength, hot sweaty bodies in the dungeon of pain, Christina Carter and Holly Heart are topless and ready for many tests to see who is the toughest. They start out with a long body comparison that turns into smelling each other as they bear hug, then to a sustained test of strength, their bodies glisten with sweat. More smelling and licking then some arm wrestling and my favorite a slapping contest, each seeing how much pain they can endure as crack after crack sends their hair flying. Next it’s belly bumping followed by butt slamming as on all fours they pound their beautiful asses together, still on the floor they now pound their breasts together to see which of these sexy beauties can take the most breast abuse. Time for some slugging as they slam their fist into each others arms and lastly what would two super gorgeous ladies do but have a long deep kissing contest, well actually this part isn’t really a contest just fun sensual pleasure. Most of you know how sensual Christina is but wait till you see how hot this big blonde can be, yes Holly really gets into this one. Long hot sensual contests of strength with two super sexy babes !!!!


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