Battle Kym


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Time/Size: 20 min MB 422

Kymberly Jane in her sexy sling bikini which allows her rambunctious breasts to bounce free and across the ring is non other than Goldie Blair with her breasts popping out of her bikini. Goldie is so looking forward to destroying this fun loving little wench, and she wastes no time siting on Kym’s legs in a crunching match book, but wait now Kym has a tight body scissors on the busty one and pulls her top down so she can really get at those big fleshy mounds of fun. But this is Goldie, not one to be submissive for long and soon we are graced with a series of fabulous holds, camel clutch, bow and arrow, breast smothers, face sits and oh so much more…. she especially goes after her shapely legs and we get such a great view from the floor as her wild legs kick and squirm, her ample legs ripple with muscle and flesh as she kicks and writhes while in Goldie’s killer holds. Destruction at it’s best, nobody takes pain like this curvaceous bundle of energy and no one likes dishing it out more than the other curvaceous beauty… makes for some real fun !!!!!!


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