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Match 1 -Nikki Delano and Charlie Mancini pace back and forth in their corners. They are ready for a fight and can’t wait for the bell to ring. Charlie comes barreling out of the gate. She throws an arcing haymaker at Nikki and sends her opponent crashing to the canvas. Charlie manhandles her stunned foe. The holds come in quick succession and do a great job of showing off each girl’s backside. Nikki and Charlie are blessed with sizable booties that will make your mouth water. They squeeze their tushies together as Charlie sits on Nikki’s ass to sink in a camel clutch. Charlie flexes and arches her buttocks when applying the Boston crab. Charlie never lets up. She delivers all of the pain to poor Nikki. She is relentless and unremorseful. You may find yourself driven to the point of madness by this one-sided match featuring two stunning beauties. Sit back and enjoy this big butt battle.

Match 2 -Sinn Sage is angry that Odette Delacroix embarrassed her in their last fight. Sinn is ready to take her revenge on Odette and brought her boyfriend along to film the whole thing. Sinn can’t wait to smother her tiny opponent with perky natural tits and a big round ass. Sinn begins the fight by manhandling her petite foe. However, Odette turns the table on Sinn and quickly knocks her out. The rest of the video consists of Sinn being walked around on a leash like a dog, rode like a pony, and locked in an iron torture device. Odette smashes her tight little ass into Sinn’s angry and bewildered face. The giddy laughter that erupts from the minxish Odette rubs salt in Sinn’s wound. You will love every minute of torment that the diminutive blonde unloads on her crying and topless victim.

Match 3 -Christie Stevens and Tara Morgan are already topless when this video starts. Christie has come to Tara to ask for a tutorial on some of the more difficult submission moves. Tara is more than happy to give Christie a walkthrough. Tara plants an abdominal stretch on Christie. As she flexes it she points Christie’s big titties towards the camera. When Christie tries out what Tara taught her she holds it on Tara for a little longer than needed. Tara’s face grimaces and her teeth grit. Finally, Christie releases the hold. Tara rubs her abdomen and eyes Christies with distrust. The figure four leg lock is next. When Christie has it locked in fully she really gives it her all and smiles as Tara screams to let her leg go. It becomes very clear that Christie is not here for a tutorial, but rather to start a fight. Tara is furious and makes sure to teach her dishonorable attacker a lesson that she will never forget. This is a classic wrestling match that is sure to delight everyone.


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