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Get ready to take one hell of a ride, this is a two part Bat Girl extravaganza, each episode is over twenty-five minutes of wild action, loaded with fabulous special effects, sexy ladies and amazing holds. The professor or Andromena (Angela Sommers) works her magic on Bat Girl (Cali Logan) and gets her in the ring to fight the android (Ariel X). Yes, Andromena is from another planet and she wants to see how the greatest of female warriors does against her android. Bat Girl has a metal collar around her neck with a long chain connected, the android uses this to control her, but our feisty purple beauty puts up one hell of a fight, even uses her cloud ball so the bat babe can jump the android from behind and choke savagely but alas again the droid gains control and now pulls hard on the chain as it puts a foot in her back, the stretch is extreme. This is the beginning of an amazing series of torturous holds: bear hugs, over the top rope stretches and pounding, hung from the rope upside down for chokes and pounding, wrapped in the chain, camel clutch with stretch band, multiple types of back breakers, and oh so many more amazing holds some too complicated to explain. But wait the caped one has her immobilizer and uses it on the droid but… oh hell, of course it doesn’t work or we wouldn’t have a second episode. Oh my does Angela look hot in her sexy space outfit and purple hair, that short skirt and platform heeled boots, just adds to the fabric of this incredible movie. Tighten up those seat belts because this is one wild ride !!!!

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