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Oh my, four, that’s right four super hot hot hot babes and all in one sexy extravaganza – and oh goodness do I mean sexy. So if you didn’t see Sarah Jessie’s Fresh Faces match you missed one hell of a sensual wrestling session and this is the continuation of that one. As you remember Sarah was straddling Alix Lynx and both ladies were getting very turned on, well Vanessa Veracruz and Ariel X are now watching this hot match and decide to have some fun, we know they are looking for fun when they take off their tops. Soon both of these topless beauties are straddling the faces of the two in the ring – ok it’s a hard image to imagine but trust me when you see it you will know you are watching art – and then comes the water as X drenches the two sexual battlers. We could stop here and this would be a great match but it gets so much better – every amazing hold is joined with lots of sexual touching and kissing and constant water soaking. They rub crotches and suck breasts, it’s one on one then two on two; Ariel and Vanessa slam the blonds together first the breasts are forced to rub then the pussies. My favorite is when they force the blondes to trib while they face sit them and all the while drenching their hot bodies. And the end, wow the end will really leave you hanging, and I do mean hanging. If these four don’t steam you up you better check yourself in because you’re one sick puppy !!!!! (Part 1 click here.)

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