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Erika Jordan is welcoming Prinzzess to DT and telling her what it’s all about, then they get down to bra and panties and begin the fight lesson, that soon turns into a great fight with some great scissors and bear hugs but this is just the first round and for the second lesson they go topless and take it a bit further, Prinzzess gets into it with lots of breast grabbing and even going for the crotch, she is enjoying her lesson from Erika and oh does Erika love to be the teacher. Hell she loves it so much she wants to take it all the way, and by all the way I mean; nude, yes she talks her blonde student into taking off her panties so that for the last round they can go sans clothes and they will be going for the ultimate prize – orgasm. They both wrestle hard for that orgasm, lots of great holds that allow them to grab and rub crotches and of course always go back to sexing up those luscious breasts. Bear hugs and rolling, they entwine their bodies till they are exhausted but still very excited and on the brink of an orgasm. Yes, yes, yes — we have orgasm ! Wild wrestling can bring about wild orgasms !!!!!!

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