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Another great boxing bout – Akira Lane waits for her rematch with Nicole but Mia Li shows up instead saying that Nicole has sent her because she wasn’t good enough for the rematch and besides Mia was anxious for a fight. DT is so lucky to have so many tough Asian beauties and these two are two of the toughest, both are gorgeous and about the same size so we know we are in for one hell of a fight — and we are not disappointed! They agree to their usual rules; best of five rounds only ending in ten count knock outs. The more experienced Mia takes over right away with bone cracking body blows followed up by jaw jarring head shots, Akira is down but not for the count but after much more of the same she is down and out, but this is just the first round of a long fight. Akira can take a lot of punishment as proved over the years and finally she gets her shots in and makes a super come back, now we have a fight where both of these Asian athletes go toe to toe trading continuous gut slugs followed by devastating head shots, both get many looks at the canvas but the war continues – neither of these toughies will quit, no one will have to be carried out but don’t worry she lives to have a humiliating interview — another fabulous boxing bout !!!!!

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