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Tylene Buck has a ton of experience so why should she be afraid of this Ariel X girl, because X is one super strong ladie and the blonde knows it. X takes no time to prove it as she attacks the topless Tylene and puts her in a double arm choke that smashes the blonde’s big breasts together as her arms are stretched around her neck, then to the floor where her strong legs can can circle Tylene’s neck for a severe choke that allows Ariel to have free arms that flex to show off her muscular biceps. Next it’s over her head with the big blonde and she does it with ease – to add insult to this back breaker she does squats that not only show off the muscles in her legs but cause great pain to her victim. This is just the beginning of an onslaught of fabulous holds that are aimed at destroying this curvaceous blonde, my favorite, when she puts her arm through Tylene’s crotch then flexes in her ass crack. So many holds and lifts that are so impressive because Tylene is one big girl so when she’s thrown around with ease it really means something. Tylene is just as sexy losing as winning, hell maybe more and we all know how X loves to win and flex — now we know why Tylene was afraid !!!!!!

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