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Boxing and breasts, what could be better, how about boxing breasts, oh yeah, this is a hot one – more blows in this bout than can be believed. Akira Lane and Kymberly Jane are topless with flashy bow ties, classy touch for these classy babes but don’t let those ties fool you this is one hell of a knock down drag out battle. You may find yourself exhausted just watching all this action, the girls were so weary by the end even the winner could barely stand, so understandable as this battle is without rounds – no rest, continuous blows and these are wind up knock your head off blows and not just to the head but once in the corner bruising gut slugs. All this whirlwind boxing would be more than enough for most fights but oh no these wild babes are not satisfied, no they also going after those beautiful breasts, they slug em, rub em, hug em and worst of all they they use the ropes to completely demolish that luscious breast flesh, that rope digs in deep as she pulls it into her foe then pulls her across the ring as the ropes burn hard through the nipples – these gals are brutal. So much action, so exhausted, so destroyed – one final huge blow and one is down, this is one of many knockdowns but from this one she does not rise – we have a winner but our winner can barely stand — because boxing and breasts is just about too much for everyone !!!!!

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