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BOXING MATCH 1 – Star 9 saunters into the dressing room with a giant smile on her face. She walks right up to Alix Lynx and proclaims her superiority. They begin to posture and the cameraman actually has to intervene to split the girls up. The real fight will be decided in the ring with full boxing equipment. The pugilists put in their mouth guards and rush at each other when they hear the bell. Star throws a mean right cross that stops Alix in her tracks. However, Alix has a crushing kidney shot that evens the score. The bell rings and both fighters go to their corners. They are attended to by their corner man, who squirts water in their mouth and down their tops. The bell rings and Alix and Star are back at it. Star lands a nasty upper cut and sends Alix to the mat. Alix makes it to her feet just before the ten count. Seeing red, Alix makes sure to punish Star for knocking her down. This fight goes back and forth and leaves both girls looking bruised and exhausted. If you are in the mood to watch two blonde beauties punch each other in the face over and over again, then you have to see this match.

TOPLESS HITTING CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Get ready because Hannah Perez and Karlie Montana are about to put on one hell of a show, more hard gut and breast blows than we thought possible in one match, and that doesn’t even mention all the fabulous ass smacking, so pour another scotch because this one is going to last awhile. When we get super tough girls like these two we know we are in for some real body blasting, hell, we can tell just from that first ass spanking and how red Karlie’s amazing butt gets that we are in for one incredible body thumping. Karlie tricks Hannah and gets her in a trance state so she can batter her at will; savage wallops to the gut, slaps and punches to the breast and she even takes her to the ring for some great ass pounding from behind but my favorite is when she uses her bountiful butt to bash into Hannah’s chest, butt cheeks and breasts clash in the most amazing way. Finally sexy Hannah gets her chance to slap, spank, swat and smack as Karlie’s whole body shakes from the pounding. Guts, breasts and butts are banged and battered like we have seldom seen – a pounding for the ages by two of the toughest, sexiest ladies around – YES !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Jolene Hexx is one tough babe, yes this red head likes to destroy and she is very good at it so she feels this wimpy model, Celeste Star will be no match for her. Jolene takes the place of the girl Celeste is supposed to fight and Ms. Star is not at all pleased, she tries to leave but Red is having none of that, she wants her destruction and forces the fight. And of course Jolene goes right in for the kill – but what is this, a hard slap to her face then another catches her by surprise and a choke really has big Red in trouble. Celeste is shocked at her success but continues and gets more aggressive as she moves on till she is in complete control and now starts a massive beat down. Wow, nobody expected this but here it is Jolene getting the shit beat out of her in every possible way; bear hugs, chokes, arm bars, slugs, stretches, and ripping that pretty red hair out. Celeste is on a roll and boy does she enjoy it, her verbal insults keep up with her physical attacks till poor Jolene is begging just to get away but Celeste is having none of that — not until she has beat the hell out of this cocky wench. A fabulous smack down that you will enjoy to the very last foot kissing, that’s right the brunette has some real debasing in store for the defeated red head !!!!!


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