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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Skylar Rene and Mutiny stand in the center of the Double Trouble wrestling ring wearing only high heels, thing high black stockings, and G-strings. Their perky tits stand at attention as the women face each other and begin to talk down to one another. Both Skylar and Mutiny stand proudly with their hands on their hips as they show off their goods. Not one minute passes before Ms. Rene reaches for the front of Mutiny’s thong and violently yanks upward. Mutiny screams and reflexively grabs the front of Skylar’s undergarment. The fighters dance awkwardly around the ring in a mutually destructive wedgy. In fact, the majority of this fight consists of Skylar or Mutiny giving each other some form of wedgy. They get very inventive with their wedgies. They give wedgies from all fours, in the turnbuckle, lying down, and even while tangled in the ropes. If you want to see some specific or unique wedgy position you can rest assured it is most likely in this video. The winner of the contest removes the panties of their fallen foe as a trophy. She then prances out of the ring with it as her victim writhes, nursing their chafed crotch.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Riley Reynolds and Lyra Law are both up for the cover of a big fitness magazine and the winner of their grappling match will be the famous fitness model, so both ladies are eager for a victory – Riley is first to control with a torrid corner attack, then a tight body scissors and this being a one submission match she strains her fit legs but Lyra is a tough one and won’t quit. Next an arm bar, bow and arrow, and very long figure four leg lock – both ladies work all these holds and neither is willing to submit. Both start out topless so we get a good look at their fit bodies and we know why they are both fitness models, so sexy when their lean firm bodies arch and strain with each hold, muscles flex with the sustained pain – sexy tough and able to take lots of punishment so who will yield first? Gorgeous ladies with long sustained sexy holds, see every inch and second of this alluring grappling battle — fabulous struggle but only one fits on the cover !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – When a famous rapper has to take a girl on tour with him his assistant has to decide who goes so he has them do a sexy dance to decide. First Alix Lynx gets her sexy on as she shakes her booty and sways across the room, all to the sarcastic jeering of Nicole Oring, oh did I forget to mention these two girls detest each other. Next it’s Nicole’s turn to show off her gorgeous body with a sexy dance and it’s Alix’s turn to show her loathing with her taunting insults. Both ladies take off their tops as they dance, taking the sexy all the way but to no avail as the assistant still can’t decide so the girls take maters into their own hands with a fierce cat fight. Now they dance the primitive dance of savage females, very back and forth; just when Nicole has the a camel clutch sinked in Alix escapes and uses her breasts to smother – a choke by one turns into a choke with legs by the other. My favorite when one uses her top to choke while putting her foot in her foes back for leverage. Not just sexy dancing but ferocious fighting – the best of both worlds — love it !!!!!


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