Makayla Cox vs. Ariel X


Time/Size: 25 min / 584 MB

Makayla Cox is a tight-bodied brunette. She is wearing an over the shoulder sling shot bikini and thigh high fish net stockings. Her big tits are out for the world to see and she has nothing to be ashamed of. She poses for the camera as the golden haired Ariel X enters the ring. Ariel is wearing a matching outfit. Ariel also has an unbelievable body. Ariel’s athletic form slinks across the ring like a cat on the hunt. She laughs at Makayla’s physique and the women promptly begin fighting. Ariel takes Makayla to the ground with a double leg take down. She yanks on Makayla’s tiny bikini bottoms. Ms. Cox reverses the position and takes Ariel’s back. With Ariel on all fours, Makayla flosses Ariel’s ass cheeks with a drawn out wedgie. The fighters take turns sitting on each other’s faces with their perfectly shaped buttocks. Half way through the video both women find themselves completely nude except for their thigh high stockings. Watching Ariel and Makayla roll around the ring while mauling one another’s bare crotches is a sight to behold. Make sure you don’t miss this doozy of a catfight.

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