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COMPETITIVE BIKINI CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Skylar Rene is wearing a bright red bikini and her shiny gold championship belt. Lia Labow wears a jet-black bikini. Both women have MMA gloves and kneepads on. With their hair up in high ponytails, the fighters strut around the ring posing for the camera. The fight begins and Lia shows just how eager she is to take that belt from Skylar. She sits on Skylar’s chest and traps her arms above her head. Skylar sweeps Lia and puts her in a rear naked choke. The MMA gloves make it hard for Skylar to fully sink in the choke. Lia pries the gloves from her neck. She twists her hips and puts Skylar in a stomach scissors. Skylar screams with frustration as she taps to the pressure. Lia laughs as they both stand up. They remove the gloves and decide to go at it for another round. Skylar is furious. She wraps Lia up and brings her to the mat. Skylar catches Lia in a crucifix pin. Her tanned, sweaty body slides up and down Lia’s chest. Skylar sits up and spins to sit on Lia’s face. This is only where the fun begins. Enjoy this extremely competitive match featuring two gorgeous fighters. You will love every minute of it.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Here are two gorgeous ladies we have sorely missed: Christie Stevens and Idelsy Love and what a smashing contrast, the blonde with ivory white skin and the brunette with jet black hair. Everyone loves these two and together they are amazing — now Idelsy doesn’t think Christie is so great and tells her all the clothes she shouldn’t wear because of her deficient body, Christie is ready for a fight now and what an amazing fight it is. These gorgeous ladies pull those string slings high up their gorgeous asses and then split their pussies. Idelsy even bends the blonde over the ropes and gives her great ass a good spanking, but Christie pays her back with some tortuous breast and nipple destruction and then strips her naked – soon both are naked and punching breasts. Tits and crotches are going to be very sore after this one, especially beautiful when Idelsy sits on Christie’s great tits with her brown ass and then goes after her pussy, big ouch but oh so nice to watch — nice to see these two again, enjoy !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Topless with string bottoms our two warriors go face to face; Alix Lynx knows she can win this one because Anna Foxx hasn’t done near the amount of wrestling she has and she is looking forward to beating the hell out of this neophyte. They start with a test of strength, big mistake because while Anna has a gorgeous thin body she is so deceivingly strong that we have been truly amazed, she has power way beyond her size and the blonde now feels every bit of this power – eventually she is on the floor where Anna strangles her with her own arms. The black beauty wins the first fall and Alix has to crawl over to the board and make down her loss, that crawl with her fabulous ass is worth the whole match. That was a fluke and Alix is going to show her, she gets the sleek babe in an arm stretch and now Anna is in big trouble, but wait she turns the tables and now is stretching the blonde beauty, her breasts almost popping off her chest till again she has to give – another great crawl and mark down. This is the beginning of a destruction orgy lasting over thirty minutes and getting more and more humiliating with each submission. That hard black ass on those beautiful ivory tits, what a beautiful contrast — a beat down that is so much fun to watch !!!!!!!


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