Capri vs. Ariel

Time/Size: 25 min / 608 MB

I must confess these are some of my favorite matches – oil, when you get beautiful women slick and oily, all their curves shimmer, their brown bodies are stunning when they shine. These two bodies are stunning without oil but with it Capri Cavanni and Ariel X are off the charts, so get ready. They start out stretching and getting slicked up when Capri sets a sneak attack on X and soon takes her to a pool set up in the ring, this pool is covered with oil so now their bodies become infused with liquid skin. Ariel is stretched over the sides of the pool showing off her tan muscular body, but of course this doesn’t last long as she soon gains control and now it’s Capri’s turn to be stretched, and this beautiful body is stretched in so many ways: over her knee, over the side of the pool, over the ropes then back in the pool to get reoiled and stretched with a whole new series of holds that show off both of their bodies. Brown glittering bodies with fabulous holds ending in Capri being stretch from the ceiling — now you really get to see that amazing glowing body as Ariel gives her the ultimate stretch and stoke — STUNNING !!!!!!!