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Can’t we all just get along? NOOOOOO – especially when it’s Nicole Oring and Akira Lane, boy do these two get at it! Immediately they start with an intense verbal joust, so mad at each other they can’t contain it and have to get physical, they soon go after their sexy dresses, ripping and pulling, very sensual as they pull those tight dresses over their brown buttocks then start ripping into their bra and panties till their frenetic fight has both of them sans clothes. Our nude warriors are still delivering invective language as they dig their nails into gorgeous flesh, breasts and crotches attacked with demonic fervor and then they go all the way as they dig their pearly whites deep into the most intimate areas. This is one amazing ring catfight with two wild Asians that show some real hate for each other, both know how to wrestle and use it to get into holds that allow them to destroy, like when Nicole is crawling away and Akira gets on her back and instead of milking her breasts she mangles them, or when Nicole gets behind Akira with a tight leg scissors allowing her to grab both breasts and crotch, and these ladies don’t just grab pussies they dig in and hold, wow what a wild frenzy, our ring will never be the same !!!!!

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