— 72 MINUTES — 

TOPLESS BOXING MATCH 1 – BOXING, oh we love it so, and this one is a real classic, so bombastic they can hardly lift their gloves by the last rounds. Yes Karlie Montana and Ariel X put on one hell of a pugilistic battle, they start out topless and almost start fighting before the bell, no love lost between these two. Each round is a classic duel, one seems to get control but never totally as they are so evenly matched, between rounds we are treated to our warriors getting their mouth guards out before their drink, then the water is poured over their sweaty bodies, dripping down their erect nipples. Another round and they are back to throwing bombs, in the corner Karlie traps Ariel and pounds away till she knocks her down but not for the full count, back up she clinches till she can get her senses back. Another round and X takes control just enough to send a blow that has Karlie getting a close look at the canvas but like the gammer she is… soon up and battling again. We get only glimpses at some of the later rounds as this fight goes deep to twelve where we find our two gorgeous combatants so weary they can hardly throw a punch but neither will retreat and finally, finally one with her last ounce of strength puts everything into her final punch and it is just enough. Wow, what a boxing match, a classic that you will love !!!!!!

PRO-STTYLE MATCH 2 – Pro style never looked so good, Cali Logan and Miko Sinz rock it with their super sexy thigh high colorful stockings and glorious one pieces – so sexy their trim fit bodies. And the holds and movement of these sexy warriors is magnificent, and poor Cali just can’t keep her beautiful breasts in that gold one piece, of course Miko is part of the problem as she constantly goes after those inviting tits, but for the most part this is a pro style match with all the great holds we expect: test of strength, head lock, double chicken wing, body scissors, choke, camel clutch, Boston crab, leg bar, ankle twist… and this is just the first five minutes so you can imagine how many in the next twenty five. Now while this is mostly pro style the girls can’t help but do some savage hair pulling and go after their great natural breasts which they pull out from time to time for breast attacks. So sexy watching these two, both so adept at their moves that they smoothly go from enduring pain to inflicting torment, their bodies stretch and pull as the moans of pain fill the air. Both are more skilled than we ever knew, making this such a joy to watch and it goes for over thirty minutes. If you don’t love watching this one you better check your pulse — pro style never looked so good !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Emily Austin and Liz Ashley are some naughty wrestlers. They are already topless, wearing nothing but small thong underwear. They are chomping at the bit to get in the ring and start fighting. Unfortunately, they have a couple mini contests to do first. Emily and Liz begin with some Indian leg wrestling and end with some breast fighting. Finally the bell rings and the antsy young fighters come running out of their corners. Emily drops Liz face down on the mat and uses her sharp nails to dig and gouge Liz’s firm buttocks. Liz makes sure to get back at Emily in an equally painful attack. She takes Emily from behind and mauls Emily’s soft, natural breasts. With the match even, the girls agree one last tit fight might decide a winner. While it is fun to watch, Emily and Liz are simply too tough to lose. Pin after pin occurs without either girl giving in. It is only after a vicious Boston crab that one of the girls agrees she has lost. Emily and Liz are two beautiful blondes that are going to drive you wild in this classic style catfight. Strap in for the ride of your life.


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