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— 68 MINUTES —

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Misty Stone is stretching her glorious chocolate brown legs when she notices another girl enter the ring. It is Darcie Dolce, a perky brunette newbie. Misty is enraged when she notices that Darcie is wearing the exact same outfit as herself. “Oh hell no!” she exclaims as she walks down her smaller target. Darcie is taken aback. She can’t believe that wearing an over the shoulder neon sling thong, thigh high stockings, and nothing else would create such a stir. With their bare breasts touching, the women start shoving each other. Misty grabs the back of Darcie’s pink outfit and drops her to her knees. She walks Darcie around the ring on all fours while applying a torturous atomic wedgie. Darcie screams for help and begs to be let go. As she tries to escape, Misty removes Darcie’s underwear. Being humiliated and beaten, Darcie has no choice but to fight back. She attacks Misty with slugs to the gut and her own set of wedgies. Misty recovers and folds Darcie up like a pretzel, putting her legs almost all the way behind her head. The now nude fighters take turns scratching at one another’s crotches and choking each other until only one girl is left standing. Don’t miss these cuties with great bodies going at it in nothing but thigh high stockings. You are sure to love it!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Thong war, what’s a thong war – you’re about to find out how brutal a thong war can be and with a fabulous wild new girl named Bella Rossi. Bella is a big bundle of brutal, how can such a beautiful face get so mean and speaking of mean we have Ariel X on the other side of this, both ladies are in rival gangs and have decided to settle their conflict with this thong war where they fight putting the thongs of women they have beaten on their hands then topless they let it all go and savagely employ every wild move they have starting with jamming their hands and the fingers in the face of their foe, then vicious slugs to the face and body, and don’t forget the hair which has both ladies pulling each other around the room by their scalp. Next they try to batter each others breasts as they go chest to chest and soon they have their skimpy bottoms off so they can go hard after their vulnerable pussies. When I say wild I mean wild, these women go so crazy on each other they bite, not just one bite no they bite all the way up their back, and they are just getting started. From couch to floor to wall and back again – wild women going crazy on each other, and a new wild women you will love to meet, Bella, a real match for the amazing Ariel X —— ENJOY !!!!!!

TOPLESS RING MATCH (ONE WRESTLER TOPLESS) 3 – Capri Cavanni and Makayla Cox hate each other because of the same man, the big brunette has had enough and challenges Capri to a fight. They meet in the ring, Makayla in her short skirt, stockings and top while Capri is in booty shorts and revealing black bra, they spew vile language once in the ring and Makayla is ready to battle but first she takes off her high heels, she turns her back and… Capri jumps her and the demolition begins wth gut shots, karate chops and a savage kick to her face – just the beginning of this onslaught as Capri woman handles the big brunette beating her kidneys, face and all the rest of her beautiful body. Don’t think Mak is done, Capri thinks she is but that’s mistake, broken she crawls and is finally up – watch out Capri because here comes the revenge, so many smashing blows to the face and she doesn’t stop till her foe is beat to the canvas – no stopping her now, kicks, slugs, chokes even takes off Capri’s top freeing those amazing breasts… and the beat down continues so get ready to enjoy two knock out beauties knock the hell out of each other – YES !!!!!!


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