Prinzzess vs. Misty


Time/Size: 30 min / 734 MB

The ever popular Prinzzess sex slave series is back and her boss is back to dominate and no one dominants like the gorgeous Misty Stone. We start where Prinzzess was left in their last adventure 1368-03 when Prinzzess was hog tied over the ropes, blind folded and dog collared – Misty takes her from behind, she is so attracted to that alluring ass in the air – she strokes her pussy and smacks her butt till the blonde shakes from orgasmic pleasure. Misty then frees her and informs her that today it’s not just sex but wrestling, yes she is going to let her fight. Free from all her restraints Prinzzess doesn’t know what to do and Misty seeing her apprehension says she will even turn her back to help and… wow, Prinzzess goes crazy — finally free she attacks !!! Misty is stunned by the ferocity, not sure what’s going on but she knows when her leg is over the blonde’s shoulder and fists are being pounded in the gut that it really hurts – and this is just the beginning; bow and arrow, leg stretch, crotch blows, camel clutch, figure four leg choke then tied up and instruments of pain used like spiked glove and metal spikes. Of course this is by no means done because Misty gets away and we have a whole new battle that will blow you away as it does one of the girls, who ends up bound and stretched from the ceiling, so sexy seeing that young body blowing in the wind. Two naked beauties battling for dominance then using that dominance to destroy !!!!!

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