Ariel vs. Helena

Time/Size: 21 min / 523 MB

Helena Locke and Ariel X have great asses and they are even more pronounced in tight jeans, come on we’ve all seen a lady walk by in tight jeans that outline her great butt and couldn’t help but turn our heads to follow that wonderful walk of sway. So what fun to have a whole video of beautiful butts in jeans, add lots of bondage that makes those great behinds protrude even more. Helena starts out stroking her great ass in her tight jeans then ties her own legs when Ariel comes in and loves seeing Helena tied, they both talk about how they love tight restrictive jeans and even more when they are tied so tight they almost cut off the blood. Helena decides to tie up Ariel’s legs so tight she can’t move a muscle and X enjoys it so much she even changes into another pair of super tight jeans and gets tied all over again. So anyone that likes tight jeans and great butts or some classic bondage ties – then this is the one for you. Helena and Ariel have great asses and this videos shows them off to the max !!!!!

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