Skylar vs Tia Kia

Time/Size: 34 min / 872 MB

Tia Kai paid Skylar Rene to beat someone up for her. Skylar beat the poor target up. The only problem is that Tia doesn’t have the money to pay Skylar. She has been ducking Skylar for a couple months now. However, today Skylar finally gets a hold of Tia. Terrified, Tia admits to Skylar that she can’t pay her. Skylar grabs Tia and bear hugs her. Tia’s short legs kick without touching the ground. She screams, which only seems to make Skylar laugh. Skylar sits Tia in front of her and scissors her tiny ribs and waist. Skylar’s long and muscular legs flex as they crush Tia’s dainty frame. Skylar uses those same “thunder thighs” to squeeze Tia’s pretty face and neck. To add to the humiliation, Skylar removes Tia’s top, exposing some very perky tits. With Tia on the floor moaning, Skylar uses her feet to squeeze her head and cheeks. After being crushed for a half an hour straight, Skylar finally puts Tia to sleep with a rear naked choke. I don’t think Tia will ever leave a bill unpaid again.

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