Erika Jordan & Kit Mercer

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT 1481-01/ Time: 17 Minutes / 411 MB

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This video begins with one on one interviews with each girl. The first interview features Erika Jordan. Ms. Jordan is a beautiful brunette with an athletic build. The camera man asks her how she thinks the match will go? Erika laughs and gives some generic line about kicking the other girl’s ass, but then she looks up and away and imagines how she will kick her ass. Magically, we get to see the dream inside Erika’s head. Erika is topless and is easily dodging her opponent’s swings. Erika throws multiple right crosses, sending her victim into the corner. The beat down continues until Erika is standing over her defeated foe. Eventually, the shimmering dream ends and we are brought back to reality. Our next interview is with Kit Mercer. She is a shorthaired blonde in a blue bikini. The camera man again asks what she thinks about the upcoming match with Erika Jordan. Kit explains how she is going to use her big breasts to smother the smaller Erika. Just as it happened earlier, Kit seems to get lost in her thoughts. The screen begins to blur and before we know it, we are witnessing the fantasy inside Kit’s head. Kit delivers a couple haymakers that leave Erika loopy. Kit then finishes Erika with a long breast smother. When the blurry dreamstate ends, we are in the ring with Erika and Kit. The women are both topless with their hands up. The bell rings and the fight begins. Which dream will come true? You will have to watch to find out.