Lana vs. Tai Kai

Time/Size: 22 min / 537 MB

Beautiful topless Asian women drenched in oil, you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven and these are two of the hottest beauties: Tia Kia and Lana Violet. They start out topless and in the oil pool where Lana tells Tia she is a much better wrestler and will prove it, here comes the dominance, she wraps her legs around Tia’s neck and squeezes till our petit beauty kicks wildly — her shinny legs slap the oil floor adding even more luster to her gorgeous gams and this frantic energy only gets Lana hotter as she puts her foe in a school girl pin so she can taunt her and play with those amazing breasts, those shinny nipples are like beacons beaming up at us, the glow is too much for Lana so she slides her nice ass up on those perky tits. Over the side she throws Tia and traps her head in a neck scissors giving her a good angle on Tia’s beautiful butt, so smack that wet ass, then turn her over so she is face up. Time to take those soaked bodies to the mat so Lana can show how good her wrestling holds really are: body scissors, double leg arm lock, face sit and some real feet smothering, yes her wet feet go all over Tia’s sweet face. So much oil, they are swimming in it but Lana is still able to put on all kinds of agonizing holds — so sexy watching these gorgeous Asians in oil — two super hot beauties that will shine for you like two sparkling diamonds !!!!!!

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