Ariel vs. Christine

Time/Size: 34 min / 856 MB

Wow, get ready for a wild one, Ariel X is coming in for her first day of work for the President’s press secretary but soon finds out that position is held by Christin Dupre and she is not having anyone move in on her, both ladies are very belligerent and soon ripping their clothes off in a ferocious battle, pulling hair as they throw each other around the room. In tatters with the dresses pulled down, John the president’s secretary comes in and breaks them up, he forces them to hug and kiss before Ariel excuses herself to clean up – this is when Christine finds out he has been having an affair with X, now she is really pissed so when Ariel comes back the fight is taken up a notch. Hard smacks to the face and gut punctuate their next meeting, they even knock each other on the desk where they can pound crotches and backs, we get amazing views from under the glass desk. Again this fight is broken up and when the girls split we find what Ariel is really up to – she is a spy looking for information, Christine catches her and we are treated to another incredible battle in the bedroom where breasts and pussies get assaulted as from the bed to the floor to the wall they battle, they bite, scratch, slug and gouge every part of their sexy bodies – a gun even comes out so you know they mean business. This one is way over thirty minutes because these ladies won’t quit, and how could they when their honor and the honor of their countries is at stake — get ready !!!!!

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