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Capri vs. Erika

Time/Size: 23 min / 570 MB

Capri Cavanni and Erika Jordan are working together today. They enter the ring in their sweats, but quickly strip down to their bikinis. They milk every minute the camera gives them to undress. Capri and Erika stretch and arch their backs for the camera. Today’s match calls for some competitive cat-balling. The girls lie on top of each other, intertwine their arms and legs and then barrel roll across the ring. Immediately they start to yell and moan at each other. Their hands move up to their opponent’s head and grab big handfuls of hair. The yelps turn to screams. Erika loses her cool. She jumps out of the cat-ball, grabs Capri by the back of the head and slams it repeatedly against the mat. Capri quickly gets her revenge. The match goes back and forth without any clear winner. Frustrated and bored, Capri and Erika pause the match to change outfits. They both return to the ring in neon green, over the shoulder sling thongs. They spray themselves down with water to make their flawless skin glisten. Part two of the match begins with Capri and Erika on their knees for a bear hug contest. This devolves into more cat-balling. Watching these two beautiful fighters push their bodies so close together that you can’t tell where one girl ends and one girl begins is worth the price of admission. You will cherish this masterpiece of female wrestling cinema.

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