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Idelsy vs. Anna

Time/Size: 22 min / 576 MB

Love to see these two back; Idelsy Love and Anna Foxx and both are sporting short school girl skirts, so great for showing off their amazing asses. Everyone loves the best out of five wedgie matches and here is another classic. Both babes start off topless and have a great mutual tug on the string bottoms, up go the skirts as on their tip toes go the girls, both beautiful butts are on full display, the pain has them both dancing on their toes as the stings go deep between their protruding cheeks. Idelsy is first to take over, remember when this brunette was a shy little babe, well no more, Idelsy has turned into one hell of an aggressive fighter – she throws Anna in the corner where she works over her pert nipples then another wedgie, this time from the front, off comes her skirt and thrown to the mat where Idelsy uses a wedge to take her for a walk on all fours, such a sexy strut with that string up her ass. To the mat where more breast and crotch action has Anna conceding the first round but not the fight as she attacks a strutting Idelsy, now it’s her to turn to inflict pain as from behind she reaches around and cups the brunette’s alluring breasts then to the corner where she can return the favor of corner torture – front and back wedgies of the extreme nature then to the mat where her hands are secured over her head so our black beauty can attack all of Idelsy’s voluptuous body until she gives. This is just the first two rounds, they get even better as we move on, the girls strip each other naked and get even more aggressive, both of these gorgeous ladies never looked better so get ready to enjoy some beautiful action!!!!!

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