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Serene vs. Liz

Time/Size: 21 min / 485 MB

Do blondes really have more fun – you are about to find out because we have two of the hottest blondes ever to grace a canvas: Liz Ashley and Serene Siren, now you all know how hot Liz is but many of you have not seen Serene yet, well it’s about time you did because she is soooo hot. These blondes start out topless with short school girl skirts that show off their incredible asses, oh boy are these two sultry and soon are giving each other brutal but sexy wedgies that really show off their beautiful butts then split up their sexy middles with pussy wedgies. Next their nipples are attacked as they squeeze those perfect brown ends, then the whole breast gets gouged as they battle for the first fall, one beauty wins, the other crawls back and we are off again – eventually they strip each other naked so they can really reach in and squeeze that vulnerable pussy. Breasts, butts and pussies all dominate this back and forth battle as all this nude ivory flesh rolls from one end of the ring to the other and we get some very interesting positions like when Serene plants her butt on Liz and lies back as she turns just enough to pinch her nipple, oh so beautiful – so get ready for these amazing blondes because believe me – blondes do have more fun !!!!!!

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