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Hollywood vs. Miko

Time/Size: 23 min / 559 MB

Miko Sinz is wearing a black bikini, a leather choker, and leather fingerless gloves. She is youthful and enthusiastic. She smiles and explains to the camera how she doesn’t think she can lose to an older and slower opponent like Hollywood. Unfortunately for Miko, Hollywood is just entering the ring and hears everything. Hollywood picks her jaw up off the floor and then charges right at Miko. She slams Miko’s pretty face into the turnbuckle. Miko falls to the floor. Hollywood applies a body scissors. Miko attacks Hollywood’s ankles and escapes. She schoolgirl pins Hollywood and then chokes her into unconsciousness. However, the match isn’t over until one girl pins the other. Miko grapevines Hollywood and pins her for a ten count. Even though Miko has already won the match, she wants to continue to punish Hollywood. Miko picks Hollywood up by the hair and is quickly punched in the crotch by a very sneaky Hollywood. This match may technically be over, but Hollywood isn’t even close to done fighting. She uses the remainder of the video to put Miko into some of the most painful submissions known to wrestling. By the end of this video, Miko is begging for mercy. Sit back and enjoy watching a female fighting legend punish a young fighter for her lack of respect.

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