— 67 MINUTES —

TOPLESS PRO-STYLE DOMINANCE MATCH 1 -Both girls start out topless and ready to rumble for this impressive grudge match, Kerri Spectrum is ready to impose her superiority over Kymberly Jane, Kym knows she had better be on top of her game to beat the amazing Kerri and that means a sneak attack to get the first control. A quick neck scissor has Kerri’s shapely legs pounding the canvas as Kym’s strong legs tighten and restrict breathing. Finally Kym lets her up and mocks her then hits her hard in the gut and Kerri responds with her own slugs and they are bombs that eventually have Kym down where Kerri puts on her own neck scissors and this one is a real killer, she lies flat on Kym, wraps her arms around Kym’s legs then uses her legs to squeeze her head like a ripe melon about to explode. From this move she shifts into a head scissors that is just too hard to explain but trust me it’s a work of art. This is the beginning of Kerri’s mastery over poor Kym as she moves from one excruciating move to another; waist scissors and head scissors galore – she just loves to watch Kym squirm, Kym’s breasts gyrate from side to side as her gut gets crushed, and Kerri’s beautiful breasts whip across her chest as she rolls from side to side applying pressure. Kerri is so enjoying herself as she makes this beautiful lady her bitch — two beautiful ladies but only one is dominant and oh does she enjoy it – almost as much as you will !!!!!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Do blondes really have more fun – you are about to find out because we have two of the hottest blondes ever to grace a canvas: Liz Ashley and Serene Siren, now you all know how hot Liz is but many of you have not seen Serene yet, well it’s about time you did because she is soooo hot. These blondes start out topless with short school girl skirts that show off their incredible asses, oh boy are these two sultry and soon are giving each other brutal but sexy wedgies that really show off their beautiful butts then split up their sexy middles with pussy wedgies. Next their nipples are attacked as they squeeze those perfect brown ends, then the whole breast gets gouged as they battle for the first fall, one beauty wins, the other crawls back and we are off again – eventually they strip each other naked so they can really reach in and squeeze that vulnerable pussy. Breasts, butts and pussies all dominate this back and forth battle as all this nude ivory flesh rolls from one end of the ring to the other and we get some very interesting positions like when Serene plants her butt on Liz and lies back as she turns just enough to pinch her nipple, oh so beautiful – so get ready for these amazing blondes because believe me – blondes do have more fun !!!!!!

BIKINI CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Miko Sinz is wearing a black bikini, a leather choker, and leather fingerless gloves. She is youthful and enthusiastic. She smiles and explains to the camera how she doesn’t think she can lose to an older and slower opponent like Hollywood. Unfortunately for Miko, Hollywood is just entering the ring and hears everything. Hollywood picks her jaw up off the floor and then charges right at Miko. She slams Miko’s pretty face into the turnbuckle. Miko falls to the floor. Hollywood applies a body scissors. Miko attacks Hollywood’s ankles and escapes. She schoolgirl pins Hollywood and then chokes her into unconsciousness. However, the match isn’t over until one girl pins the other. Miko grapevines Hollywood and pins her for a ten count. Even though Miko has already won the match, she wants to continue to punish Hollywood. Miko picks Hollywood up by the hair and is quickly punched in the crotch by a very sneaky Hollywood. This match may technically be over, but Hollywood isn’t even close to done fighting. She uses the remainder of the video to put Miko into some of the most painful submissions known to wrestling. By the end of this video, Miko is begging for mercy. Sit back and enjoy watching a female fighting legend punish a young fighter for her lack of respect.


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