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Ariel vs. Helena

Time/Size: 19 min / 492 MB

Helena Locke has Ariel X tied up with rope and hand cuffs. Helena scoffs at how helpless Ariel is. Ariel wiggles and grunts as she struggles to free herself. Helena is feeling frisky so she decides to have one more go at Ariel. Helena bends down and unties Ariel. Ariel shakes out her arms and legs to get blood back into her extremities. The two women crouch into a combative stance. They are both wearing blue jeans and very tight white blouses that are unbuttoned to show their cleavage. Helena and Ariel circle each other like wrestlers. They clash together and then fall to the carpet. Helena puts Ariel in a body scissors and then a schoolgirl pin. However, while Helena has Ariel in a grapevine, Ariel bucks and reverses the position. Ariel puts Helena in a camel clutch. She then reaches behind and starts groping Helena’s ass and crotch. Ariel has Helena in a reverse triangle as both women begin to moan in pleasure. They continue to wrestle and caress one another for a while. This all culminates in Ariel tying up Helena and then pouring water all over her jeans and blouse.

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