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Darcie vs. Idelsy

Time/Size: 21 min / 515 MB

A good catfight, who doesn’t love a good catfight with two gorgeous ladies like; Darcie Dolce and Idelsy Love, two babes about the same size and both with such fabulous bodies. Well get ready because here it is and these two beauties really get it on or should I say get it off because those tops come off showing off those amazing breasts but not before they roll around on the floor pulling hair with those short skirts showing off their great nylon clad asses, then the shirts come open and they attack tits through the bras till the bras come down and finally off. Two raven haired sirens that roll each other into so many sexy positions, from behind they sink their nails into soft breast tissue, then on top one gains a dominante pose and attacks breasts or pulls hair. Oh and when those breasts crush together, the moans and groans are beyond compare – they strike incredible poses as those high heeled legs stretch and bend in agony and delight. This is one hell of a sexxxxxy catfight — every pose a true sexual delight — who doesn’t love a good catfight !!!!!!!!

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