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Idelsy Love vs. Serene Siren

Time/Size: 28 min / 669 MB

This is a “strips naked match.” That means that both Idelsy Love and Serene Siren start the match in casual outfits and have to forcibly remove the clothes from their opponent before they can submit them. Idelsy and Serene begin with a test of strength. Serene slips behind Idelsy and starts working her hands up the front of Idelsy’s shirt. Idelsy struggles to keep her shirt on. Serene shoots a take down and starts to unbutton Idelsy’s skintight jeans. Serene complains and grunts as she peels the blue jeans away from Idelsy’s sculpted legs and ass. Idelsy seems embarrassed to be losing and to be stripped down to her underwear. She grabs Serene’s top and lifts it up, revealing Serene’s large breasts. This angers Serene, who removes Idelsy’s sparkly white bra and panties with easy. Serene then chases her fully nude foe around the ring as she mauls her breasts and crotch. Idelsy submits and must change into a different outfit for the next round. Idelsy now wears a tight black dress. Serene easily pulls it down. Idelsy’s perfectly shaped caramel tits pop out. Underneath the dress is some adorable white lingerie. Will Idelsy be completely humiliated again or can she possible stage a comeback? There is only one way to find out. Watch this video for a fun twist on the classic catfight.

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