Cindy Starfall vs. Christina Carter


DT-1406-01 / Time: 44 Minutes / Size: 1.04 G

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WHAT IS THIS, ARE WE KIDDING 44 MINUTES, yes this came in a over 44 minutes and we usually split these or at least charge more, but what the hell, I feel generous so you’re going to get all of this fabulous dominance match for the usual price. This is no second rate match, no this one has Christina Carter doing what she does best; destroy beautiful little Asian babes, and who might her victim be this time, Cindy Starfall, such a cute little Asian treat. Cindy is giving an interview, and it’s so nice to learn more about her and where she came from, where she lives now and… Christina bursts in and after Cindy calls her a fat cow Christina proceeds to tell her how she is going to squish her like she does all Asian dolls but watch out because Cindy may be small but she is very feisty and doesn’t go down easily – finally the bigger Chris gets her down and puts her in a school girl pin. In the pin Christina bounces on Cindy’s chest sending Christina’s substantial breasts a dancing while Cindy’s chest gets crushed, and this is only the beginning of one long dominance match where our feisty Asian finally gets worn down and it’s no wonder as she is set upon with: a severe match book, skull crusher, head scissor, leg splits — of course by now Cindy has lost her dress and much of her spunk. She is forced to worship and suck Christina’s feet. And this is just the first part next the buxom one takes Cindy to the bedroom where she can really squish squash the petit beauty. These squash matches have become so popular we thought we would give this bonus match for all those fans – so get ready because this is lot of match and WE AREN’T KIDDING !!!!!


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