Kym & Christina vs. Ariel

Time/Size: 29 min / 716 MB

Christina Carter and Kymberly Jane are planning to get Ariel X, they are going to teach her a lesson – she always parades around so sexy like, time for her to be taken down a notch or two. We See Ariel dressing in her tight jeans, she is topless then puts her black leather jacket tight over her breasts and goes to a dark warehouse where she is to have a meeting but our bad girls are waiting to ambush her and knock her out so they can take her back to their lair — the dark gets even darker for poor Ms. X as they have their way with her. She wakes up back at their place where they again double team her, as one holds her down the other one mauls her breasts through her jacket then they tie her up her hands and feet plus gag her. They leave her to struggle, and what a long struggle it is from couch to floor she rolls and crawls while tied and gaged but is unable to free herself till finally they come back to add their last insult to all this injury — complete dominance and bondage !!!!!!

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