Hollywood vs. Ariel X


DT-1408-01 / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 610 MB

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Hollywood was the baddest woman on the planet for a very long time. She is beautiful and the greatest wrestler to ever wear high heels. She boasts a red bikini today However, there is a new crop of women making a damn good argument that they have taken Hollywood’s place. Ariel X is one of those new dangerous girls. Today she stands across the ring from Hollywood and stares down the only person standing in her way. Ariel flexes and stretches in her tight black bikini. The bell rings and the women meet in the center. Ariel has fire in her eyes. Hollywood is smirking. She seems to think Ariel has no chance. She lets Ariel win the first test of strength and then lets Ariel take her back. Hollywood doesn’t seem to realize how much trouble she is in until Ariel puts Hollywood in a torture rack and spins her in circles. Hollywood is choked unconscious for the first of a 3 fall match. It looks as though Hollywood’s time has come. Could this truly be how the great and powerful Hollywood loses her legacy? If you want to see the full fight, and believe me, you do, you will have to get your hands on this video.


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