Serene vs. Ariel


DT-1408-03 / Time: 27 Minutes / Size: 638 MB

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Get ready for this one because this one is one hell of a sexy battle, Ariel X welcomes a new girl, Serene Siren, as only Miss X can. Both in sexy bikinis but of course the tops don’t stay on long – Ariel goes crazy on this gorgeous blonde with some of the most amazing wrestling holds we have ever seen, no names for most of these because the girls just wrestle into them and this is because while Ariel in a much more accomplished grappler Serene is extremely game, so every great hold and stretch Ariel applies Serene wriggles out and into one even more extreme, I mean some of these stretches she is forced into will amaze you. Of course Ariel wants to keep it sexy so she starts in with the kisses and sucking and before she is done they are both very turned on, this is when the oil comes in… Ariel is so tuned on but she especially likes it when this sleek beauty is stretched, so she finds amazing contortions and with each she strokes and kisses her victim till for a final move she hangs her from the ceiling and then really goes to town on her. Sex and wrestling at it’s best and I do mean BEST !!!!!!