London River vs. Serene Siren


DT 1410-02 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 459 MB

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Everyone has been demanding to see more of London River after she was on femfightersxtreme.com so we’ll show all of her in a killer wedgie match with our other popular blonde Serene Siren, yes two of the most beautiful blondes you can imagine in the ring together, and these aren’t just pretty faces no, they can both fight and have ample energy to put on on hell of a show. They pull those wedgies high up magnificent asses, then split those amazing pussy lips till we can feel the pain. You may not know London yet but you will love this buxom blonde as she is as much fun as she is gorgeous and gives the spunky Serene everything she can handle, and Serene can handle a lot which has quickly made her one of our most popular ladies and you will know why when you see her in action, what a body and she can do things with it. Eventually they are both naked and go from destroying breasts to spanking pussies. From fabulous corner action to amazing canvas holds, I predict London will be as popular as Serene soon – these matches have everything and with these two I do mean EVERYTHING !!!!!!