Serene Siren vs. Liz Ashley


DT 1415-02 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 515 MB


This catfight is a work of art. Serene Siren and Liz Ashley are stunning, blonde, and their bodies are every man’s dream. They stand in their respective corners with their perky tits and tight butts showing. All they are wearing are over-the-shoulder thongs and black thigh high stockings. Quickly the women are down on the mat grappling. Their perfect bodies and soft skin rub together in a sensual struggle. Round two has barely started and Serene and Liz have already removed their thongs. Their nude figures grab and pull at one another as they moan and cry for relief from the pain. Liz traps Serene’s hands behind the top rope. Liz then uses her free hand to squeeze Serene’s tits and crotch. The round is only over when one girl submits to the torture of her attacker. Serene fights the urge to give in, but Liz is too strong. Luckily, Serene submits before Liz does permanent damage. Serene retaliates by putting Liz in a backbreaker and then pinching her upturned pink nipples. This fight and these women are so beautiful that after we put the download up for sale on the Double Trouble site, we are thinking of putting it up in an art museum.