NUDE DESTRUCTION MATCH 1 – Prinzzess is naked and blindfolded with her hands tied, she stumbles around falling before Karlie Montana and Misty Stone find their captive trying to escape – she needs to be taught a lesson so they drag her into the ring where she is to fight Karlie in a best two out of three match. It’s a wild match where the spunky naked blonde scores the first fall with some savage slugs breast torture and chokes but then Karlie comes back in the second fall with a killer low blow and this time they hog tie her so they can really play havoc with her so sexy naked body. The last fall has them teaming up on poor Prinzzess and using the ropes to stretch her in oh so many inventive ways, Misty and Karlie are pros at destruction and work well together making life miserable for poor Prinzzess, my favorite is when they tie each ankle and stretch her to the breaking point and then finish with a great tie up and destroy segment that gets very sexual as they have their way with the sexy Prinzzess – she ends like she began; naked, blindfolded and tied !!!!!

TOPLESS DESTRUCTION MATCH 2 – Saharra Huxly, the biggest of the big babes – and I do mean the biggest and one of the baddest, she so loves throwing around the small girls so you can imagine her joy when going after Alix Lynx, she treats her as a real toy. They meet in the back room where Alix is waiting for Sara Jesse but Saharra has other plans for the thin blonde, she picks her up by her neck and leads her to the ring where complete annihilation begins. And complete it is as the biggest of big shows how completely she can destroy – she so likes stretching the thin waif and she finds so many positions that make the blonde’s ribs pop out of her chest; over her knee, through the ropes, over the edge of the ring and over the exercise ball, of course in each position she torments the blonde beauty with slugs and breast abuse. The big meany tosses the lithe one over her shoulder for a sustained stretch then to the bedroom where she ties all her limbs for a final stretch and some very sexy oil and orgasm — soooo sexy !!!!!

TOPLESS PANTYHOSE MATCH 3 – Melissa Jacobs and Liz Ashley are very proud of their gams. With a cold, steely gaze each girl sizes up the other. Then their ritual of shit talking begins. Melissa calls Liz a “blonde bitch,” and Liz calls Melissa a “red headed skank.” They each proclaim their panty hose and legs to be better than their opponent’s. Their business blouses are removed and the ladies begin to grab and squeeze each other’s breasts with all of their strength. This is supposed to be a “lady like cat fight,” but I’ve never seen ladies pull one another’s hair as much as these women do. Whether their legs are intertwined or one is riding the other, Melissa and Liz spend the entirety of the match rubbing their panty hosed legs against each other. In fact, towards the end they even scissor their crotches together in their stockings. No matter if you’re in the mood for blondes or red heads, these girl’s perky tits and panty hose clad legs will scratch your itch.


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