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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Today we have ebony versus ivory. Tylene Buck is a buxom and blonde DT champion. Her opponent in the ring is Ana Foxx, a Nubian nubile newbie. Tylene is belly laughing to begin the video. She is astounded that the powers that be at DT would bring her such a helpless young wannabe to fight her. Ana bats her eyes and looks down demurely. They begin with a test of strength. Again, Tylene laughs at how pitiful and weak her foe is. However, Ana takes advantage of Tylene’s misjudgment and quickly reverses the position to take Tylene’s back. Before Tylene realizes it, Ana has her in a powerful body scissors. Ana grins from ear to ear and starts mocking and teasing her gasping adversary. Once Tylene submits, the topless beauties head back to their corners. Ms. Buck takes a moment to catch her breath before the next round begins. Will Tylene be manhandled the entire match by this newer and faster fighter or will she rebound and punish her impudent rival?

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – A body so good she is voted fitness queen and is she out strutting her stuff, yes, Alix Lynx is looking great in her sexy black lingerie, garter belt and stockings as she is modeling for a photo shoot, but who the hell is this angry person raging as she enters the ring, it’s Nicole Oring and she can’t believe Alix beat her for this title – angry words fill the air, then a sucker kick and Nicole releases her loathing on the fit blonde. A killer camel clutch where she settles on Alix’s vulnerable breasts. This fight is broken up but Alix is furious and demands a match and now she will be ready. Soon the blonde and the brunette are heavy into battle and oh does blondie come on strong, slugs, chokes, corner beatings, ab stretch, face sit with crotch claw and so many more till Nicole comes back with her rope choke but Alix is by no means done — two gorgeous babes of the same size, both are angry and looking for revenge but only one will leave with her stocking intact – the other will be kissing a beautiful butt !!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Ariel X as a blonde, we love it and so will you as she takes on the gorgeous Abigail Mac, these two amazing bodies together are a real delight so get ready for some stunning viewing. Should be no contest but Abby is smart enough to surprise Ariel from behind and takes over with quick demolition: stomps, chokes, face sits and my favorite when she spanks X’s beautiful ass with her feet. But come on how long can she control the X factor before she has to pay for her fun — Ariel is bad enough when she isn’t angry but when she is, well Abby better cover those awesome breasts because X is aiming for them — too late, X is attacking her breast flesh and every other part of her wondrous body, but believe it or not Abby comes back and this turns out to be one fun match with two of the best female figures to ever grace a ring — you will enjoy this one !!!!!!!


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