Tylene Buck vs. Aubrey Black


DT 1423-01 / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 604 MB


Tylene Buck is topless in the DT ring. She is posing for photos wearing nothing but black thigh high stockings, panties, and high heels. Her long blonde curls frame her large perky breasts. Tylene’s newest rival is a brunette named Aubrey. Aubrey, like Tylene, has large tits and full lips. The women glare at each other from across the ring. The bell rings and they run to clash in the center of the canvass. Tylene grabs Aubrey by the nipples and pushes her against the ropes. She wedgies her screaming foe until she lifts Aubrey off her feet. Tylene knocks Aubrey to the ground and schoolgirl pins her. Aubrey’s sizable breasts are left undefended right in front of Tylene. She takes advantage of this by relentlessly mauling Aubrey’s sensitive nipples. Aubrey bench presses Tylene off of her chest. Aubrey then spends the next five minutes attacking Tylene’s crotch with multiple different kinds of wedgies. Aubrey even forces Tylene’s legs into a spread eagle position and uses both hands to pull down on both sides of Tylene’s thong. This match devolves into chaos. There are long legs and boobs flying all over the ring as the women wildly flail to attack each other. The loser will have her crotch mauled until she is nearly unconscious. The winner will get to rip out some of the loser’s pubic hair to take as a trophy. It’s an all around fun match that you won’t want to miss.