September Reigns vs. Serene Siren


DT 1426-02 / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 571 MB

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Both September Reigns and Serene Siren wanted a rematch, and after their first battle we can understand as both of these babes are ferocious. They meet and Serene is still in her office attire, she looks so cute in her suit and glasses and September looks so sexy in her high boots and skin tight pants – but there must be something about these clothes because I have never seen such a fierce clothes battle as both babes are determined to rip every shred of cloth off their amazing bodies. The wild and sexy positions they get in as each item is ripped off and I do mean ripped, it’s so much fun to watch as little by little they force each other naked, it’s amazing after all this action they still have energy but boy do they have energy as our naked warriors smack those sexy bodies together and we have a delicious black and white sandwich, good enough to eat and speaking of eating our babes munch on each other constantly — September takes a big bite out of Serene’s beautiful ass as she crawls away and the blonde clamps down on September’s pussy many times, hell they bite each other all over, especially love those 69 positions. From couch to floor these delicious bodies stay after each other constantly as we are treated to one hell of a sexy brawl !!!!!!