Christina Carter vs. Tia Kai


DT 1429-01 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 488 MB

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Christina Carter got called out on social media. A mystery girl challenged Christina to a catfight after she found out that Christina lost to Mika Tan. Christina jumps at the chance to defend her reputation. The next day she arrives in he ring to find a diminutive Tia Kai waiting for her. Christina can’t believe her eyes. She takes pity on the little shit talker and tries to give her a chance to leave before the fight starts. Tia has no intention of leaving. While Christina gets undressed, Tia starts wailing on Christina’s mid-section with haymakers. Christina can’t believe the power her tiny attacker has. She gapes in surprise as Tia laughs. Tia refuses to let up on Christina. She only stops blasting Christina’s stomach to allow her to fall to the ground, where Tia continues her assault. Christina tries to crawl away and even makes it out of the ring. However, Tia follows her and continues her unrelenting gut shots and shit talking. Tia tells Christina that her goal is to make her “throw up” or even “go to the hospital.” Christina can barely respond with more than grunts and I’m not sure she didn’t lose her lunch after this video ends. By the end of the match, Christina is laid out and Tia is stomping over and over again on her stomach. This one sided catfight between a tall brunette and a small Asian is too much fun to pass up.