Hollywood vs. Cindy Starfall

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Bikini Catfight Match (1 Wrestler Topless)

DT 1430-02 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 522 MB

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Hollywood is easily one of the greatest wrestlers DT has ever had. She will undoubtedly be in the hall of fame when all is said and done. Today she is annoyed that some, “bimbo stripper” challenged her to a match. Hollywood eagerly accepted and is chomping at the bit to punish the foolish girl. Cindy Starfall, the brave young lady who is taking on Hollywood, is a petite Asian spitfire. She isn’t on camera for more than a couple seconds before she is calling Hollywood an “old ass bitch.” Hollywood challenges Cindy to a test of strength. However, Cindy is so short that she has to jump up to reach Hollywood’s hands. Hollywood laughs at her tiny attacker, knocks her to the ground, and sinks in a body scissors. Cindy surprises Hollywood with a reversal. Hollywood is shocked. Could Cindy really defeat one of the all time greats?! No, absolutely not. Hollywood soon regains control and continues to do whatever she wants with her tiny victim. Hollywood bends and twists Cindy into some extremely creative and uncomfortable positions. Cindy cries for help, but her only respite is when Hollywood knocks her unconscious. Hollywood hog ties her topless opponent and laughs as she leaves her there, helpless.