Kristie Etzold vs Hollywood


DT 1434-02 / Time: 19 Minutes / Size: 428 MB


Two larger than life wrestling characters in the ring together make for one entertaining match and who has a bigger image than Kristie Etzold, if not the amazing veteran, Hollywood. And of course with these two we get loads of biting trash talk as each of these colorful babes tries to out do the other. They begin with a sustained test of strength and while Kristie may be stronger, Hollywood’s height nullifies until the pain is too much. Next it’s a bearhug challenge, the straining is intense as you can almost hear their backs crack, but now Kristie’s strength takes over and after a few snaps on blondie’s back she tosses her to the mat — but by no means is killer Kristie done with bear hugs, front and back rib crushing hugs have Hollywood delirious. Only one way out for the veteran… cheat, yes a low blow has Holly in control and now she employs her extensive knowledge of wrestling with grapevines, school girl pins, bow and arrows, hair dragging, camel clutch, chokes and soooo many more. Larger than life characters make for one hell of a great show !!!!!