Erika Jordan & Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT-1440-01  / Time: 31 Minutes / Size: 719 MB


Erika Jordan is complaining how Milana Ricci has beaten her in so many of their competitions: running, chess, swimming but now they are in the wresting ring and Erika knows she is more experienced so she will win and to make sure she goes for the slim beauty when her back is turned but the quick Milana throws her down and uses a double hammer lock to force a surrender. This is just the first submission as this is a long match with a time limit and each time a girl loses a fall she has to score it on the board. Erika reluctantly crawls to the board and scores her loss, her breasts jiggle as she bounces back to her corner because she knows she will win the next fall but again the sleek Milana has an answer and applies a killer camel clutch, her arms flex as they fold over her beautiful natural breasts and Erika’s pretty face is strained till again she gives. Next we have a stunning test of strength where we get a great look at both these striking bodies in action but again Milana takes over and the more she wins the angrier Erika gets and the more trash talk from the sleek one. On and on this goes, Erika cheats to no avail, she tries to leave only to be beaten harder by Milana – now she can only crawl to the board. Great holds applied by the sleek one and fabulous angles of destruction as we get up close and personal, our camera crew out does themselves in this domination extravaganza – everyone knows how popular Erika is and now you will realize why everyone is so excited about our sleek beauty Milana — topples destruction at it’s best !!!!!!