Serene Siren & Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestling Match

DT-1441-03  / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 600 MB


OH MAMMA — these two don’t don’t even need to wrestle, not when you see them all oiled up and in those skimpy bikini’s and high heels, oh God when they put their sleek legs up on the ropes and stretch it’s enough for me – but ok, lets see them wrestle. Milana Ricci and Serene Siren, these are the two super beauties I’m talking about and as good as they look before wrestling, well, the wrestling is even better because they roll those shinny bodies into some amazing positions, Serene locks Milana’s arms over the ropes and stretches her back so she can pound that firm gut, Milana face sits Serene and twerks in her face, Serene straddles the brunette and crawls while dragging her… and so many more great stretches with slugs and crotch mauling. Finally Serene uses her ring experience to take over and now comes the real wild holds as our horny blonde even starts to get turned on by this super sexy oiled body she is playing with. Because Milana won’t quit we keep getting wild positions and we can so understand why Serene is turned on as she mauls Milana’s breasts and crotch while stretching her. Seems like an orgasm should have Serene finished with the glistening one but NOOOO — she plans on leaving her victim hanging and I mean that literally, she will be hanging while the blonde abuses and uses her so sexy body… WOW !!!!!!