Christina Carter and Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing Match

DT-1442-01  / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 526


Oh do we love our battling boxing babes, Christina Carter and Skylar Rene are ready to rumble! These big beauties are topless and ready to sweat, and drip they will but in their corners water will be poured over their hot bodies, it drips over their erect nipples as the sponge drags across their chest. Christina wears the belt and Skylar is determined to take it but Chris comes out strong with many gut busting blows that have Skylar reeling, then some breast blows the jiggle her supple breasts and even a low blow to secure her dominance – how can Skylar take this abuse. She not only can take it but eventually has a come back, now it’s her turn to smash Christina’s big breasts, pound her gut and add devastating head shots – back to the stools with more refreshing water over their sweaty bodies. What a great bout, so many body shattering blows by two of our best battlers, two beautiful babes that know how to box, they can give and take with the best of em. Our boxing has become very popular and you will know why when you see these two amazing boxers – ENJOY !!!!!!