Christina Carter and Hollywood


DT-1444-03  / Time: 28 Minutes / Size: 655


Christina Carter and Hollywood are old friends. They are hanging out together on a lazy Sunday having lunch together. Both women have a big meal and are complaining about how bloated they feel. Hollywood makes a joke about how Christina was gut punched into submission in her last match. Christina is immediately offended. She brings up the fact that Hollywood lost a match to Cindy Starfall by body shots. Hollywood decides they should just end this argument for good. She suggests that they have a belly punching contest. The friendly fighters strip down to their bikinis and jump in the ring. After some arguing about who gets to go first, they take turns punching each other in the stomach 5 times each. The first one to give up loses. It doesn’t take long for the girls to realize that having a belly punching contest right after eating a giant meal is a very bad idea. Christina starts complaining that her meal might come back up. No woman wants to lose to her frenemy and Christina and Hollywood are no exception. They put up with endless gut punches. No matter how much pain they seem to be in, they refuse to give in. You will love watching this good-natured belly punching contest.